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Naimunnaseer Welfare Trust (NNWT) stands as a beacon of hope and compassion, dedicated to serving humanity through various humanitarian initiatives. Established with the mission of uplifting communities and providing timely assistance during crises, NNWT has been at the forefront of numerous relief efforts, particularly in response to natural disasters such as floods.

Commitment to Flood Relief

NNWT’s commitment to aiding flood-affected communities is exemplified by its comprehensive and sustained relief operations. In the face of devastating floods, NNWT has consistently mobilized resources and coordinated with partner organizations to deliver critical aid to those in need.

2013 Flood Relief Efforts

In October 2013, NNWT responded swiftly to the flooding in Village Ismail Nagar, near Lahore – Sheikhupura Road. The Trust provided essential ration packs to the affected families, ensuring that immediate nutritional needs were met. The documentation of conditions in Village Shakirabad further highlighted the severity of the situation and underscored the urgent need for assistance.

2022 Flood Relief Campaign

The floods of 2022 marked a significant chapter in NNWT’s humanitarian efforts. Collaborating closely with TABA Foundation and other local partners, NNWT launched an extensive relief campaign across various regions of Pakistan, including Sindh and Balochistan.

  • Khairpur, Sindh: NNWT’s first consignment included flour, dry rations, drinking water, tents, blankets, and quilts for 450 families, distributed with the help of the Pakistan Army.
  • Shikarpur, Sindh: Subsequent consignments provided comprehensive aid, including food supplies, clothing, and essential household items to hundreds of families.
  • Noshehra Kalan: Cooked meals, bottled water, and ice were distributed to flood victims, ensuring immediate sustenance and relief.
  • Musakhel, Balochistan: NNWT dispatched vital supplies including dry rations, drinking water, clothing, and shoes to support 400 families.
  • Dadu, Sindh: Aid packages containing food, water, and clothing were delivered to 350 families, demonstrating NNWT’s ongoing commitment to flood-affected areas.
  • Hoshab, Balochistan: The Trust’s efforts extended to Hoshab, where 350 families received essential supplies.

Throughout these efforts, NNWT has not only provided material assistance but also fostered a spirit of solidarity and resilience among the affected communities. The Trust’s transparent operations and active community engagement ensure that aid reaches the most vulnerable, offering hope and support in times of dire need.

NAIMUNNASEER WELFARE TRUST helps flood affected people of Village Ismail Nagar. (it is near Lahore – Sheikhupura Road). Ration packs distribution by NNWT in flood affected areas 2013.

TABA joint relief work is in progress by partner organisations. Naim un Naseer welfare Trust sent first consignment/truck to khairpur. Flour, Dry Ration, Drinking water,Tentage Blankets, Quilts were distributed by Pakistan Army to 450 flood effected families in khairpur, Sindh.

TABA joint relief work is in progress by partner organisations. Naim un Naseer welfare Trust sent their third consignment/truck to Musakhel Balochistan. Dry Ration, Drinking water, Clothing(Shawls,clothes both male female) and Shoes have been dispatched for 400 flood effected families in Musakhel Balochistan.

TABA Joint Relief Work is in progress by the partner organizations.

Naim Un Naseer Welfare Trust handed over Ration Packs of 100 persons to the Army in Karachi for distribution among affected people. 200 bottles of water, Sachets of ORS and Flaygel tablets and Clothes were also there in items.

Collaboration with Paak Grammar School for Floods

TABA Joint Relief Work is in progress by the partner organisations.

Naim un Naseer Welfare trust in collaboration with Paak Grammar School(PGS), Sargodha collected clothes,Quilts,bedsheets and other flood relief items.

Students of PGS volunteered in Collection and Packing of these items, preparing for the next consignment.