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Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message We the humans are a global family. Religions, cultures, creeds, colors and ideas are different but more or less all preach & focus onto one commonality called love ie loving humanity & beloved God/ ALLAH JS. Communities which we call deserving & affected are production of manmade classification in human race, injustice & inappropriate distribution of social stakes. TABA (wa ta`wanu ala bir wattaqwa…..and help each other in good deeds Almaida: Al Quran) is an endeavor to get righteousness & its blessing on one platform to serve Pakistan & the World Community in an organized manner through humanitarians making the difference, who think & perceive above religion, creed, culture & politics. My humble prayers & submissions to ALLAH JS who lead all of us to be one & be HIS team serving brothers & sisters with us. May this foundation of selflessness & love flourish & be a sunshine enlightening humanity rudiments ie tolerance, brotherhood, love & living for each other (Ameen).

Co-Founder’s Message

We have been sent on earth to serve humanity. Each one of us must find our role. As it is said, charity begins at home, one does not have to look for some mega projects. A smile, sharing somebody’s pain, encouraging dejected one are the little efforts one can start & do around. I would urge & advice my sisters & daughters to step up and join humanitarian initiatives & work shoulder to shoulder with men to bring the difference in the lives of underprivileged people.