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Khalid Butt

Khalid Butt is an experienced resource when it comes to System Administration, Financial/Budgetary Control, Team Management and Strategic Planning. He has had an illustrious education career and military brought up in one of the world’s most renowned military academy – Pakistan Military Academy. He is currently working as Manager Administration at the most prestigious university of Pakistan, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) where he leads 10 departments. He has an experience of over a decade in being productive, efficient and a result oriented role player in the higher level management tier where he has also led Administrative affairs at two of the biggest Textile Industries of Pakistan as well; Niagara Textile Mills and Sadaqat Private Limited. Apart from his professional career, he has become one of the most important role player in the nonprofit industry. He is part of Naim-un-Naseer Welfare Trust Management, which carries out relief and development projects, additionally, he is Lead Operations at TABA Foundation (a consortium of over one hundred and eight welfare organizations), an organization aiming to bring all social sector entities on one platform to create better harmony, coordination maximizing the response to best serve humanity. TABA also aims to build the capacities of the institutions in the nonprofit sector in order to enable them in delivering relief and livelihood to the masses, in the most efficient and transparent manner.

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